Smith System Furniture presents OODLE.

Meet oodle - the all-new active seating line that is as fun to explore as it is to say.  With a patent-pending 10-degree rocker base, the oodle stool system provides new levels of versatility, functionality and bovility, all to inspire a new generation of student.

Switch it up:

Keep your space fresh by switching things up in a flash.  You're never stuck with one height or one color.  And the unique rocker base system maximizes versatility.  Sit flat, or sit with movement on the very same stool.

Moving Up:

The colorful 6.5" sections stack and twist to engage a unique stool to stool locking system.  Educators can easily assist students to make the stool taller or shorter.

Holding Up:

Oodle's 17-inch diameter is perfect for all ages and sizes of student.  Sturdy polypropylene materials holds up to all elements.

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